Tuesday, September 2, 2014

KEF Reference Speakers - The New State Of The Art

Via What Hi-Fi

The other big news here at Munich was the launch of KEF's new Reference series. New from the ground up, there are five models in the line-up: the Reference 1 standmount speakers (£4500/pair); the Reference 3 three-way bass refelex floorstander (£7500); the bigger Reference 5 floorstander (£10,500); an enormous centre speaker, the £4500 Reference Centre; and a dedicated 1000W, twin-driver subwoofer.

Read more at http://www.whathifi.com/news/kef-unveils-new-baby-blades-reference-series-and-upgraded-muon-speakers-high-end-show#FuUS6c4fPpATak0U.99

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