Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spy Shots of New Rega RS10 Speakers and IOS Reference Preamplifer

French website recently posted spy pics of two new Rega reference-series items from the Paris High Fidelity audio show. First up was the RS10 speaker, which is filling the void at the top of the Rega product line left by the discontinuation of the R9 speakers in 2009. Malheureusement, my French isn't as sharp as it once was, but here is a rough translation of the article's findings:
The RS10 is a high-end floorstanding speaker, at a price that is still very reasonable. It seems to be, according to preliminary information we have gleaned, a three-way or four-way model loudspeaker. The cabinet is relatively deep and narrow. At the top of the facade of a polished-brushed metal baffle is installed a funny medium diaphragm transducer plane which should be about 10 cm in diameter, and overlooking an impregnated textile dome 19 mm in diameter. On the side are three openings, masked by a countersunk black cloth cover. According to the explanations given to us by officials of the company that distributes GT Audio Rega in France, two major speakers (13 and 21 cm in diameter) and an outlet vent. The first speaker works in close support while the latter would benefit from an acoustic line leading through the vent located next door. In addition, two speakers would work in series. Everybody (woofer speakers but also vent) with a different resonaant frequency, this would have a more linear response in the lower register.
The French page also gave a rave on the sound quality: "It was one of the best surprises of the 2011 session of the High Fidelity Lounge." Also spied in the equipment rack below the ISIS model CD player and OSIRIS power amplifier was a new version of the IOS preamplifier. So conventional logic would seem to follow Rega will round out the reference components series with a new top line turntable, perhaps the long-rumored, carbon and x-braced P10? word on pricing or availability yet. The full, untranslated article is here...