Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rega Osiris: The Ultimate Integrated?

Hmmm, could this be what I think it is? A super heavy box from The Sound Organisation delivered by Chris the FedEx guy? Well, if you have already scanned the attached headline, you know what must be inside...

Deep under a thick pair of double boxes lurks a hefty branded wooden crate much like the kind used to deliver our favorite wines? Hefty woodscrews and dovetail joinery...had to run upstairs to borrow a power screwdriver.

Ahh, an Osiris instruction manual and a thick injection-molded foam cover with the Rega logo in relief letters across the top. Yes, the top of Rega's Reference kit, the 162 wpc., no-holds-barred Osiris integrated amplifier has landed.

Nestled snugly within foam confines lies the Osiris, much like its ancient Egyptian namesake, the god of the afterlife. And what a fine afterlife it will be with stereo sound like this. Imagine how it would sound with Radiohead's epic Pyramid Song wafting from the speakers.

With the included Rega Reference Mains power cable attached and hefty milled aluminum remote in hand, the Osiris is prepared for rising. And by "hefty", I do mean heavy enough to be a possible murder weapon in CLUE.

Powered up with, KEF Reference 205/2s attached, the Osiris is all of the superlatives and more. After spending a long weekend with exotic gear at CES, I thought that I had heard it all. I was wrong. For a fantastic in-depth revue of Osiris' virtues, we invite you to read Jeff Dorgay's glowing review in ToneAudio magazine.
Or stop in and hear it for yourself.
It's worth the trip.
And more.

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