Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unparalleled Price and Performance: the New Q Series Speakers from KEF

Not content to rest on their laurels (and exactly who "rests on laurels" these days?) KEF has introduced the spectacular new Q series of speakers, and infused the entire line with the DNA of the ultramodern, ultrasexy, ultrahitech KEF Concept Blade that has been slaying all comers at audio shows around the world.

Designed from the ground up in KEF's Bondian top secret Maidstone, Kent UK R&D labs (yes, they actually still do their own R&D work), the Q series is set to revolutionize the price to performance ratio. New speakers doesn't just equal a new set of drivers stuffed into the same old cabs; the new Q also features new enclosures, new enviromentally-friendly wood veneers, new terminals, and 30% better bass response, while maintaining their glorious attention to detail and performance.

New Drivers! These speakers feature a brand new Uni-Q driver with a brand new 1” vented aluminium dome tweeter used on Concept Blade. The magnet / voice coil on this driver is MASSIVE – almost double the size of the current iQ Series, very weighty. The best part is watching it as you pump some killer tunes through ‘em – they feature what we call a Z-Flex surround which allows for the extreme excursions needed to deliver a truly visceral thump while maintaining smooth high frequency performance. You see it – this will be THE coolest demo you could do. The driver cone literally pumps in and out of the unit itself and looks ridiculously impressive. KEF also designed a brand new bi-wireable gold plated terminal and instead of using jumpers they fitted an ingenious screw system for easy setup. Off-axis dispersion is unrivalled, so everyone in the room enjoys the same exceptionally realistic sonic imaging, wherever they sit.

Wow, hyperbole aside, I can't wait to hear them myself!

The flagship Q 900 is expected to be ready for retail in late ROctober or November. At the low price of $799 per speaker (that's $1598/pair) the performance is said to soundly thrash all rivals, even those costing twice as much.

The price points are mindblowing (MSRP price per speaker):

Q900 - $799
Q700 - $699
Q500 - $499

Q300 - $599/pair
Q100 - $499/pair

+ an assortment of center channel, dipole and subwoofer...

If you need you fix of KEF's glorious balanced and articulate sound now, just swing in and check out the full line of the XQ (20, 30, 40, 50c) series at Puretone Audio.

But don't say we didn't warn you; you'll be chopping up your old speakers for firewood (or better yet offing them on Ebay).

For more info, give us a call. Or visit. Or just send us your ears in a FedEx box, don't worry, we'll return them!