Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coming (Very) Soon - the Fosgate Signature Phono Stage

Direct from the mind and workbench of world-renowned audio designer Jim Fosgate -
most famous for his work on surround sound (Dolby Pro-Logic II, etc.) and car audio (Rockford-Fosgate car stereo) - comes the new Fosgate Signature Phono Stage.

Jim listens to tubes and vinyl in his personal system. His passion for analog and tube sound has lead to the development of the Fosgate Signature phono preamp.

Over the past 30 years, Jim Fosgate built and tested more than 100 different designs before settling on the one that became the Fosgate Signature. This design features all tube amplification and rectification with no solid-state devices in the signal path, switchable moving magnet (42.5 dB)/moving coil (60.5 dB) gain setting and variable loading settings from 100 to 100K ohms.

The industrial design of the Fosgate Signature is clean and modern, using blue LED illumination for the tubes, yet also retro, proudly displaying its 7 tubes (with no cage) and real wood end caps.

The Fosgate Signature is a warm, detailed, inviting phono pre-amplifier with great extension at both frequency extremes. It is an extraordinary imager, with depth and width comparable to units at much higher price points.

The Fosgate Signature is also an exceptional value at its retail price of $2,500.

Check out the fantastic review from our friend Randy Wells in issue 22 of ToneAudio magazine (page 106) (although I always seem to take a long detour through the Aston Martin DBS review on page 76)

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