Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rega CD Clunker Program Extended!!

Just received word from Rega US HQ and it is good news:

"It seems we have struck a chord with music lovers and audio enthusiasts alike. With this success, and as we near the end of the program, many of you have asked for us to extend the program.

So ... we have decided to do just that!

Starting Jan. 1, we'll be extending the program through the first quarter of 2010! All the terms and conditions will remain the same. The new ending date is now March 31, 2010. So those customers that have been trying to save up in time to beat the Dec. 31st deadline now can take a deep breath and know they have enough time to get that Rega CD player they have wanted so much."

So dig out that old player come down to Puretone Audio for a Rega CD player audition - we have both the Apollo and Saturn in stock now!