Monday, October 5, 2009

Ross Halfin Shoots Mott; Mott Lives!

Really enjoying the heck out of genius/photographer Ross Halfin's blog...some fantastic photos from the seven-show Mott the Hoople reunion show up there now! Looks like a smashing time, although Mick Ralphs might have raided the Tommy Bahama wardrobe one too many times.

And check out sometime Pretenders/Mott pinch drummer Martin Chambers, looking a bit like a young Ginger Baker. If you've missed the shows, like I have, there is always the opportunity to buy the simulcasts there.

All the not-quite-so-Young Dudes were in attendance, I suppose I will have to wait and see if I run into Mott mainman Ian Hunter at the Big Y in New Milford anytime soon. That's where the back cover of his latest album, Man Overboard, was shot, believe it or not. It's fantastic release on New West Records, well worth picking up.

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