Monday, April 27, 2009

Say It Again, Sam: Cayin H80A Hybrid Amplifier NOW IN STOCK!

Need to add some horsepower to your stereo system? Cayin Audio USA has the solution with the H80a Hybrid Intregated Amplifier. A front end of two (2) 12AU7 vacuum tubes gives the warmth and dynamics of tube amplification, while a MOSFET solid-state amplifier backline pushes out 80 watts per channel of pure Class A power.

The result? A stunning synergy of solid-state responsiveness and power combined with the detail and warmth of tubes.

Cayin's hybrid circuitry utilizes the best of both stereo worlds, in an aesthetically-pleasing brushed aluminum industrial casings, with the matching blue-lit power meters on the front provide accurate usage tracking.

"I'm a tube guy, but I like power too. The H-80A has 12AX7 input tubes feeding a MOSFET output stage. It sounds sweet, but it'll drive just about any load. It's rated from 10Hz–40kHz," VAS Audio's Steve Leung told Stereophile magazine.

As usual, Cayin's attention to detail is impressive, with gold-plated input and output jacks including a pair of line-level RCA jacks for pre-amplification, if desired, and a pair of balanced input XLR jacks. The matching polished aluminum remote control provides control of the triode and ultralinear modes, with 80 watts per channel of pure class A on tap, rising to 150 wpc in the Class A/B mode.

"…The H-80A integrated amplifier strikes me as a landmark Cayin product – one that will more firmly imprint the company's name on the map of the world's premier hi-fi manufacturers. Don't tell your friends, who might think you spend $5000 or $6000 for this thing, but the H-80A retails for $3295…the H-80A fulfilled its promise of delivering the best of tubes and the best of solid-state. The sound was sweet, smooth and exquisitely extended in the treble, with nary a trace of hardness or harshness. Nor was there any lopping-off of the top end; it sparkled…Most impressive was the H-80A's harmonic presentation…With classical or with jazz, it was right on…For a $3000 integrated amplifier, this kind of performance is phenomenal…Put the Cayin H-80A up against anything. With any speakers." – Sam Tellig, Stereophile, August 2007

We couldn't agree more, Sam.

The facts:

Remote Control Full function including Triode and Ultralinear. Also,

Preamp Bypass for using A-300B as a power amp

Power Cord Detachable power cord with IEC chassis mount receptacle

Tube Compliment Two 12AU7 Input Tube

Frequency Response 10Hz-40kHz

THD = <.2% 1kHz, 80W, 8?

S/N Ratio 91dB

Input Sensitivity 380mV

Input Impedance 100k Ohm (RCA)

Output Impedance (WBT Style) 4, 8, 16 Ohm

Power Requirement AC 120V +/- 5%, 50~60Hz

Power Consumption 280W

Weight 80 pounds (96 pounds shipping weight)

Dimensions (WxDxH) 17" x 19" x 8"

Warranty 90-day guarantee for tubes; 3 year parts & labor (shipping not included.)

Other Dual 450W power transformers, extra large cooling radiator, black acrylic decorated panel, heavy duty knockdown amp feet, each foot can adjust the height independently, index type peak VU value ampre meter with blue background light

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Unknown said...

But no headphone jack! I for one really need this and I can't believe such an omission on such a fine piece of gear...or am I missing something?