Thursday, April 23, 2009

KEF XQ20 : Amazing Sound, Astounding Value

After a substantial break-in period, our KEF XQ-20 standmount monitor speakers have really come into their own, with an amazing ability to fill our (admittedly) big and boxy room with a sweet, deep soundstage and impeccable resolution.

I swear, never again will I scoff when a rep tells me that speakers need to be broken in - after four or five hours of mid-volume play the resolution began to grow seemingly every 15-20 minutes and now after two weeks, these 20 lb. beauties push out a sound that would make most floorstanders blush with envy.

The first two sets (the wonderful Khaya Mahogany and the lighter Birdseye Maple) have already found happy homes and both purchasers are ecstatic with the results.

I can't state enough how beautiful these speakers are, with flawless fit and finish and an unmatched attention to detail that even extends into the packaging in dynamite-proof shipping cartons. Even the isolation feet come with little cups to keep things perfectly symmetrical.

The new Absolute Sound (April/May 2009 CES Issue) gives a brief rave and photo on page 18 - can a full review be in the making?

Stop in for an audition today, bring your favorite disc or record, but don't say we didn't warn you...the value at a low $1999 list price is amazing - KEF definitely outkicked their coverage with this one (American football reference).

Puretone Audio is now an authorized KEF dealer and we can obtain in the line right through the Stereophile Magazine Product of the Year 207/2 Reference loudspeakers.

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