Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cayin iDAC Gets Rave Review

SG Baird reviews the Cayin iDAC-1
Wed, 03/26/2008 - 09:35 — sgbaird

from The Computer Audiophile

Wow, what a great sounding audio component! I could end this review here, and be satisfied that some readers might get the idea in their heads to give it a try, but for the majority of jaded audiophiles out there that adhere to the notion that something that costs more will always sound better, let me elaborate on why I think many seasoned audiophiles would find Cayin’s iDAC-1 a final purchase.

First off, though, let me tell you that after I had decided that I wanted to give the Cayin a try, I found only one dealer in the whole USA that had this DAC in stock at the time I was looking; all of the others that responded to my inquiry told me that they would have to order it from the importer and then ship it on to me. That would normally send up a red flag for me, but I recall that I had experienced similar situations back in 1999 when I decided that I wanted to try SACD. My local Marantz dealer said that there just wasn’t enough interest in the SACD format for him to carry their players, but that he would special order one for me.

If you are an avid audiophile, the Cayin name will be familiar to you, but if it’s not, Cayin is one of the few Chinese-made brands that have made it to prestige status among the cognoscenti, primarily for their well-made and beautiful range of amplifiers and preamps. In fact, two of my long-time audio buddies have had Cayin products in their systems at one time or another, and this kind of endorsement was just what I needed to settle it for me. I ordered my iDAC-1 from the dealer who had it in stock and it arrived in just two days.

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