Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Rega Fono Mini - An Inexpensive Solution

Once again, Rega has done it all.

Price? check
Quality? check
Durability? check

The new Rega Fono Mini is a quality phono pre-amplifier at a most enjoyable price point. Retailing at an ultra-affordable $145.00, indestructible Rega aluminum construction meets top-notch sound engineering to provide a tremendous bang for a few bucks.

The new Fono Mini benefits from an all-new extruded aluminium case and easy-to-use front and back panels that make this phono pre-amplifier a snap to install and enjoy, even for those who are not technically inclined.

The Fono Mini simply connects via standard RCA interconnects to the line input on your amplifier. Or connect the Fono Mini to the sound card of your computer so that you can import your vinyl to the digital archiving format of your choice.

At just $145.00, the Fono Mini is a fantastic value-for-money phono pre-amp that will be a great addition to any Hi-fi set up, adding authentic Rega quality at a entry-level price. This is a cost-effective version of the Rega MM Fono and based on the phono amplifier circuitry utilized in the revolutionary Rega Mira 3 amplifier.

This uses the same close tolerance parts as found in its bigger Fono & IOS brothers, but packaged in a minimalist satin black aluminum case for an accurate RIAA low-noise vinyl playback solution.

Simply plug in, sit back and enjoy!


Input sensitivity = 2mV for 200mV output
Input loading = 47KW in parallel with 100pF
Maximum input level = 65mV@1KHz
Minimum output load impedance = 10k Ohm
Power requirements = 24VAC @ 27.5mA
Frequency response (50KW load) = 15Hz (-3dB) to 100KHz (-0.5dB)
RIAA accuracy (50KW load) = +/-0.5dB 40Hz to 100KHz

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