Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rega Elex-R Amplifier: Great Value and Superb Performance

Rega has long been known for providing all the performance a stereo buyer can ask for at an astounding price. But with the Rega Elex-R integrated amplifier, the venerable British hi-fi powerhouse may have a achieved a new high standard in the value and performance continuum.

Born from the same family genetics as the mighty Osiris reference-level amplifier, the Elex-R combines the 72.5 watts of power with sublime dynamics and imaging, and the added value of a class-topping on-board phono stage for the ever-growing number that like to spin vinyl records (and yes, we know you well.)

Connectivity is not a problem, with multiple inputs for digital and analog gear, all neatly controlled with a remote. High quality internal components are used throughout for long life and reliable service, arrayed around the complementary pair of Sanken Darlington 150W output transistors.

The combination has earned the Elex-R a coveted WHAT HI-FI Magazine 2014 Product of the Year award.

It's as happy picking out finer threads of detail in the convoluted sections of Hans Zimmer's Mountains from the Interstellar soundtrack – often the first to be overlooked by less scrupulous amps – as it is unveiling variation in dense electric guitar notes in Band of Horses' NW Apt.

We are pleased with the resolution on offer, and at no time is there a sense the Elex-R is overlooking subtleties for the benefit of the bigger picture. We notice, again, that this amplifier is terrific at communicating the drama of the music. It has us hooked from the first note, right through to the end of the piece.

With hi-fi this good, it’s easy for listening sessions to extend well in to the night.

Best of all, this handsome combination of ear-tickling goodness now lists for just $1695 in the United States. So if you've been waiting to upgrade that tired old amplifier, now is the perfect time to call us at Puretone Audio.

And remember, no sales tax in New Hampshire!