Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rega RP8 Tickles The Turntable Fancy

The reviews are rolling in on the exotic Rega RP8 turntable, and whether it is Tone Audio magazine, The Absolute Sound or, all agree that the RP8 is a crowning achievement for a brand that has been turning high-quality analog gear for 40 years now! Rega has seen no reason to rest on the accolades, and even with it's ultramodern design aesthetic, the RP8 delivers the goods with the wax on the platter.

Review highlights, with a link to the full review, follow:

"If you want a high performance record player with next to zero fuss required, I can think of no better choice.

My Rega journey began with the Planar 3 in 1982, and somehow over thirty years later, I have the feeling it’s not over. Roy Gandy and his crew are a clever group, and as long as they keep refining their turntables, there will be new vinyl adventures from this fine British company. I’m very happy to award the RP8/Apheta combination one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2013." - Jeff Dorgay, ToneAudio

"This design vaults Rega into the big leagues. Meaning that, while yes, the RP8 as reviewed is another fine value from a company known for value, in this case one needn’t add the qualifier “for the money.” It’s simply among the best mid-level designs on the market." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound

"Without a spare gram on its ribs, it is reduced to the essentials with great cunning and fabrication from the power supply to the triple-layer glass platter, tone arm and captive RCA cable. These Brits view a record player as an interdependent mechanical system which relies on a completely holistic approach to take full control of all parameters by design. Such thinking pays off sonically. In this price class I've not come across a competitor that would convey music with more liveliness, drive or propulsion." - Ralph Werner,

Of course, if you are done drooling and desire the RP8 for your own home listening room, give us a call RIGHT NOW at Puretone Audio HQ 603-865-5471!