Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Q300s Have Arrived

The first pair of pairs (see what I did there?) of the KEF Q300 have arrived. Black ash and English cherry are now in stock!

New look, new engineering (simple first order crossver), new technology (new 6.5 inch UNI-Q driver with vented one-inch tweeter, gold-plated terminals) and ridiculously EXCELLENT value at just $599/pair. Still breaking our demo pair but I'd say that these compare favorably with the store-favorite XQ series at less than one-third the price of the XQ20.

Perfect set of speakers for a second system, bedroom or office. Heck if they sound this good in our big, boxy store, I can only imagine how great they would charge up a proper-sized room. In fact, I might have to take them home over the holiday weekend and try them in my home studio.

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